The reality is anyone can build a house; so, what is the difference between every builder on the market? While the products specified for the project tend to be a large factor, the primary difference starts on paper before the build ever starts. Quality plan design is hard to come by and in the current age, builders and clients have gone to using online plan sites that catalog thousands of plans submitted by many creators. While this is a great starting point to figure out what design styles you like, it typically leads to people having the same house plan without any unique feature.

Kimberlite Homes is proud to offer in house design services as part of every build. Werther its tweaking one of those online plans to fit your specifics or starting completely from scratch; we have the experience and people to help make your project unique. While it’s true most people tend to pick plans from either our gallery or other online sources, nearly everyone is customized in someway to fit a clients specific needs.


Building information modeling (BIM) is the process of recreating a typical 2D floor plan, in 3D software so that every aspect of the build can be reviewed and analyzed. This leads to exact takeoffs for all sorts of building materials and allows us to ensure the plan is accurate for just about every trade.

What is your benefit in this? We’ll once this process is complete, we have a fully scaled and accurate 3D model of the home; this can be used for your review process, as not everyone is comfortable reading 2D floor plans. See the below example, we recommend changing the render mode to standard after the app opens:

View 3D Model Home in Chief Architect’s 3D Viewer.


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