Hand picked and assembled from the best, Our Team is designed to be efficient in every aspect of the construction process.

Brian H. Ferguson

Team Executive

Brian is there every step of the way ensuring goals & deadlines are met and asnwering any questions the team may have. Brian brings to the table his financial expertise and many years of general real estate knowledge. A veteran of home remodels, Brian is now using his experience to build the perfect home.

Lauren Neskora

Client Relations Specialist

As our Client Relations Specialist, Lauren is the heart and soul of Kimberlite Homes. She works directly with each of our clients from beginning to end, ensuring the highest level of client satisfaction throughout the building process.

Clayton Garner

Division Manager

Clayton oversees the design and build process of every home, ensuring that every Kimberlite Home meets the strict design and quality guidelines everyone has come to expect.

Catrina Goebel

Accounts Payable/Receivable

Business is all about the numbers, Catrina ensures our budgets stay in tact and contractors get paid. Have an accounting issue, she's the one that's sure to solve it!

Manuel Trevino

Site Superintendent

Manuel has worked for some industry leading production builders; and brings to the table years of experience ensuring every step of construction is up to par and on track!

Shelby Stange

Project Coordinator

Shelby is at the center of every build and represents the best in what our company has to offer. She works closely with our Client Relations Specialist to keep the building process on budget and on time.